Here’s what to expect from all the biggest tech companies at Mobile World Congress this year

Mobile World Congress (MWC) starts on February 26 in Barcelona and runs through to March 1.
Last year’s event started excitedly with Greenpeace protestors scaling the building outside Samsung’s press conference. IBM’s Watson created artworks, and we saw connected dogs and seals, and loads of VR.

But people really are at MWC for the phones. And this year, there’s a lot of interest in how the big manufacturers are going to answer the challenge put up by Apple’s iPhone X and Google’s Pixel 2. Read More

Apple Dominating Global Smartphone and Watch Markets

It’s Apple’s world, and we are all living in it. In the fourth quarter of 2017, Apple’s iPhone captured a record 51 percent of the global smartphone revenue share, accounting for more revenue than the rest of the entire industry combined, according to Boston-based analytics firm Strategy Analytics.
Apple made three times more revenue off its smartphones than Samsung and 7 times more than Huawei — the popular Chinese smartphone company whose partnerships with AT&T and Verizon were prematurely disbanded after pressures from the U.S. government over cybersecurity concerns. Read More

Say goodbye to Android Pay and hello to Google Pay

As we reported last month, Google is uniting all of its different payment tools under the Google Pay brand. On Android, however, the Android Pay app stuck with its existing brand. That’s changing today, though, with the launch of Google Pay for Android. With this, Google is rolling out an update to Android Pay and introducing some new functionality that the company hopes will make its payment service ubiquitous — both in stores and on the internet. Read More