Galaxy S9 phone design leaked through Samsung’s own mobile app

With just days to go before the official Samsung Galaxy S9 launch, the pace of phone leaks is ramping up significantly.

 Samsung has accidentally leaked its own unannounced samrtphone

SAMSUNG’S next phone is leakier than a sieve, and that’s great news for gadget fans – because the device is basically public knowledge now.

A fresh Samsung Galaxy S9 leak has revealed the phone’s entire design, and the source is Samsung’s own official mobile app.

The company has been very clear that the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled at Barcelona’s MWC 2018 tech show next week.

In preparation for the event, the company released an ‘Unpacked 2018’ mobile app that is designed to help launch the phone.

Unsurprisingly, tech-savvy phone fans have been digging into the app’s code, and have uncovered a hidden feature that lets you see the Galaxy S9 in augmented reality.

The idea is that press at the Galaxy S9 launch event will be able to use their phone cameras to project a virtual Galaxy S9 smartphone onto their own hands.

This means that we’ve now got visuals of the Galaxy S9 from loads of different angles, and in four different colour options.

So what does this tell us? First, there’ll be four paint-jobs available: Lilac, Blue, Black and Silver.

It also confirms the general design of the phone. For instance, the fingerprint scanner has now been moved to below the rear camera.

On last year’s Galaxy S8, the scanner was positioned next to the camera, leading to widespread complaints of people accidentally smudging their camera while trying to prod the sensor.

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